Located in the Midlands and Upstate of South Carolina, is a private provider of Early Intervention, Case Management and Speech Therapy services to individuals with developmental delays and special needs. Beginning in March of 1999 with a staff of 2, now has over 50 employees and is one of the largest private providers in the state. We believe in a strong partnership with families and are tremendously successful in helping children reach their developmental milestones and connecting families with all needed community resources and services. Children need to meet eligibility criteria in order to access our services.

provides Early Intervention services to children ages birth to six years of age and their families. Early Intervention is a family directed program providing intensive developmental instruction for parents and their children with developmental delays and special needs.

provides Case Management services to families with children with disabilities and special needs ages 3 and up. Case Management is a family directed program providing extensive services to assist people with disabilities and their families through choice in meeting needs, pursuing possibilities and achieving life goals.

provides, Speech Therapy services to children ages birth to five in Richland, Lexington, Greenville, Pickens and Kershaw counties. Speech Therapy offers intensive training to parents/caregivers and the child in their natural environment. We address speech , oral motor, feeding, language and communication disorders.

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Birth to Three

If you suspect a child has a delay in a any area of development you Should…

1.Contact the BabyNet office in your area.

  • Aiken – 803.533.5446 or Fax 803.641-4656
  • Chester, Lancaster, Newberry, York- 803.¬222-6360 or
    Fax 803.222-6269
  • Greenville, Pickens - 864.331.1450 or Fax 864.331.1456
  • Kershaw –803.484-5110 or Fax 803.483-0142
  • Fairfield , Lexington, Richland – 803.734-0111
    Fax: 803. 734 – 0236
  • Oconee – 864.225-6466 or Fax 864.225 – 8121
  • Spartanburg – 864.591.8641 or Fax 864.591.8640


    2.Upon referral BabyNet contacts the family, conducts a developmental assessment and determine eligibility.

    3.If eligible, the family receives a choice of an ongoing early intervention service provider such as

    4.If therapeutic services are needed for the child a prescription will be requested and a copy of the established goals will be sent to you

    5.If you have any question regarding these services please call Beth Bunge or Teri Todd at

3 to 6 years of age

If you suspect a child has a delay in any area of development,the family should....

1.Contact USC Intake (they handle all initial referrals for The Department of Disabilities and Special Needs). A 5 minute screening is conducted over the phone and if criteria are met, families are given a choice of Early Intervention or Service Coordination providers such as

Contact USC intake at 1.800.289.7012

    2. Once an intake referral has been received, a case. Coordinators contacts the family explain services and gathers development records to request DDSN eligibility.

    3.During this intake/eligibility process, referrals are made to appropriate community resources (school, therapy, evaluations).

    4.Upon eligibility determination a plan is created and early intervention provided by a provider such as in their homes or child care.

*if you suspect the child only has a mild delay (i.e. articulation of speech) you should refer to that child's local school district for evaluation.

6 and Up

If a child has special needs and currently does not have case manager, the family should...

1. Contact. USC Intake (they handle all initial referrals for The Department of Disabilities and Special Needs). A 5 minute screening is conducted by phone and if criteria are met, families are given a choice of case management providers such as


2.A case manager contacts the family, pursues eligibility through The Department of Disabilities and Special 'Needs, develops a plan and makes referrals based on family needs.

Autism 0 - 6

  • If you suspect a child has Autism and is between the ages of 0 - 3, contact the BabyNet office in your area. ( see page 2)
  • If you suspect a child has Autism and is between the ages of 3 — 6, the family should contact USC intake at 1.800.289..7012 41. for a screening.

Autism Early Interventionists are knowledgeable about...

  • *Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)
  • *Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
  • *Sensory Integration
  • *Diets
  • *Community Resources and Support Groups

Community Resources

Advocacy and Support Groups:

Family Connection of SC - 1.800.578.8750

  • Statewide support network for families of children with developmental delays, disabilities or chronic illnesses. Provides 1:2 matches of parents by disability, chronic illness or special request for emotional and information support.


Parents Reaching Out to Parents – PRO parents 1.800.759.4776

  • A nonprofit organization for parents of children with special needs that provides FREE parent training, I and assistance on understanding and navigating the early intervention and special education process.


Protection and Advocacy - 1.866.275.7273

  • A private, nonprofit organization that provides a variety of protection and advocacy services for people with disabilities.


The Early interventionist case manager can connect parents to a wide variety of services and resources in the community to meet families' needs.

Home and Community Based Waivers:

*Intellectual Disability/ Related Disability Waiver (ID/RD) —

Family Connection of SC - 1.800.578.8750

  • This waiver provides services for children and adults who have disabilities and special needs to avoid the risk of out of home placement. Services available to children include behavior support services, environmental modifications, nursing services, psychological services, specialized medical equipment, supplies and assistive technology. Priority is given to those consumers with critical needs.

*Pervasive Developmental Disorder Waiver (PDD) -

  • The PDD waiver is for children ages 3 — 10 who have been diagnosed with Autism or other Pervasive Developmental Disorders by age 8. The waiver provides Early Intensive Behavior Intervention Therapy in the home for up to 40 hours per week and case management services. There are a limited number of slots available and there is a waiting list.

*Community Support Waiver - (CSW) -

  • The purpose of the Community Supports Waiver is to serve people with intellectual disabilities in the community, whose waiver service need will not exceed the individual cost limit set forth in the waiver. It also offers opportunities for individuals to self direct certain services if they choose. Services are similar to those received through the ID/RD Waiver.

Waivers Continued...

*Medically Complex Children's Waiver ( MCC waiver) -

  • This waiver at DHHS serves children who meet Nursing Facility or Intermediate Care Facility (ICF) level of care and have a chronic physical/health condition that is expected to last longer than 12 months. The child must meet medical criteria which makes them dependent upon comprehensive medical, nursing and health supervision or intervention. The services offered are Children's Medical Day Care, Respite, Care Coordination, and Incontinence Supplies. The child must be under 18 years of age.

*Children's Personal Care Aide Program - (PCA)

  • The Children's Personal Core Aide Program provides personal care aide (PCA) services to children up to age 21. The child must be Medicaid eligible. The PCA can assist the child with eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, incontinence, and transfer. This service is provided through Community Long Term Care/DFIHS, PCA's cannot provide day or child care sitter services.



Columbia Office: Upstate Office
720 Gracern Road Suite 450 6 Pelham Ridge Drive
Columbia, SC 29210 Greenville, SC 29615
803.929.1112 864.627.5097
803.929.1418 864.627.5099

Aiken 6 Pelham Ridge Rockhill Office
PO Box 36032 Drive,PO Box 288 454 South Anderson Road,
Rock Hill, SC 29732 Aiken, SC 29802 Suite 212,Rock Hill, SC 29730
803.295.1648 1.855.221.9265 803.366.8433

The mission of Bright Start is to provided quality comprehensive service to all individuals with special needs and development delays So that children, teenagers and adults can achieve their greatest potential.

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