How will a Case Manager help me?

Once your family member is eligible for services, your Case Manager will help you determine the services that you need and will assist in applying for those services. Your case manager will provide you with a list of helpful and commonly used resources.

How is an Early Interventionist different from a Case Manager?

Early Interventionists provide weekly home visits and direct instruction to children and their families. Services start at birth and end by age 5. Case Management can start as early as age 3 and can be a life-long service. Case Managers do not provide direct services; however, your Case Manager will direct you to the needed resources while ensuring the quality of those services. You will see your Case Manager every other month.

How can I get a break?

Respite services are available to families who have a higher level of need. Respite services are also available through local family support agencies.

Can you help me with my child's school?

A Case Manager can assist you in obtaining the knowledge and skills you need to work effectively with your child's school to effectively meet their needs.

Is there another parent I can talk to about my family member's diagnosis?

A Case Manager can help you connect with other families with the same or similar diagnosis on an individual basis or in a group support setting.

How do I find out the name and number of my Case Manager?

If you do not know or remember the name of your case manager, please call 803-929-1112 and we will be happy to help you with that information.

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