Our Routines-Based Interviewing Presentation at The Family Connection SC Hopes and Dreams Annual Conference

Bright Start is beyond grateful for having been chosen as one of the key presenters in this year’s Hopes and Dreams Conference by Family Connection SC. This recent opportunity to share with the field was a true honor as we advocate for the advancement of Early Intervention services in the state of South Carolina.

About The Hopes and Dreams Conference by Family Connection SC

The annual conference, which was held virtually this year, provided a productive venue for various groups of professionals, family members, and advocates to learn more about resources and supports that can be utilized for those connected to the special needs community in South Carolina.

Training and workshop sessions conducted in this four-day conference tackled different topics spanning Early Childhood, Child and Youth, Parenting, and presentations in Spanish. Participants were given the opportunity to choose among these topics as they saw fit to meet their needs. Interactive sessions in which the participants got to ask about their concerns also proved to be a great learning experience for both the attendees and the speakers. Motivational ideas borne of strong moral values and personal reflections imparted by the speakers paved the way to a fruitful discussion. 

Routines-Based Interviewing and Bright Start SC Early Intervention

Bright Start takes pride in being one of the few organizations in South Carolina to have undergone specialized training in a process known as “Routines-Based Interviewing”. This unique training program from the Siskin Institute was attended by key members of our team and has professionally equipped us with the latest and greatest skill sets in this cutting edge approach.

Routines-based interviewing is a method of gathering information about a family’s everyday activities and how the child that we serve is able to participate with the family in these times of day. It’s a very new technique for the State of South Carolina. What’s great about the method is that it allows our specialists to assess a child’s developmental delay, using tangible, practical, everyday perspectives.

By using the Routines-Based Interview, we are able to identify goals that are especially important to the parent and/or guardian in their everyday lives, which our specialists can then work together with the family to achieve. Making goals of common routines helps make everyday experiences smoother and easier, such as getting dressed, going to school, or quick grocery store trips. Throughout, we look for ways to help the family with ways they can support and nurture their child during developmental delays or disabilities, and it allows us to contribute in ways that are deeply meaningful to that child and family’s quality of life.

Our Routines-Based Interviewing Presentation at the Family Connection SC Conference

In this conference, our SC Early Intervention Regional Directors for Bright Start, Alexa and Jillian, were able to explain how the routines-based interviews model has truly impacted and elevated our Early Intervention services around the state. They spoke to how important routine-based interview is, its efficacy, and how it is performed by breaking down some of its key structures. Over 400 people enrolled in the conference and attendees ranged from parents and professionals, to self-advocates and students. Participants enrolled virtually were geographically located across more than 10 states and spanned 2 countries.

If you’d like to learn more about Routines-Based Interviewing or how it might help make everyday life easier for you and your child with developmental disabilities, please feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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