Jello Pudding Construction Sensory Bin

Video Transcript

Kristen Fabiano

Hey everyone, my name is Kristen Fabiano. I’m an early intervention specialist with Brightstart and today I’m going to be showing you how to make another sensory bin. But this time it’s going to be with mud and construction vehicles. First, like always, we’re going to start out with your band. Some cool with some jello packets, some Oreos, and your favorite construction vehicles. First, you’re going to make your pudding mixture according to the package. This includes adding the mixture and mixing it with milk. Once this is all mixed together, you can set it in the fridge and let it solidify. Once your jello pudding is all made, you’re going to mix in a container of COVID. And now I’m just going to mix this all together. After that’s all mixed together, it should look like this. Next, I’m going to line that container with my pudding and COVID mix. After it’s inside, you’re just to smooth over the top. Next, I’m going to take my Oreos you can either craft these up by hand or use a food processor. I’m just going to do it by hand. Once all your Oreos are crushed, you’re going to sprinkle them on top of your bed. Once you have all your Oreos sprinkled on top, you can go ahead and add your construction vehicles. Now that your sensory bin is complete your child can take on in sensory bins allow your child to practice their fine motor skills as well as explore new foods and textures. Thanks again for joining me for one of my sensory been videos and I’ll see you next time.

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