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Shawn Thomas


After graduating from the University of South Carolina, I worked in Corporate America for a few years and thought I had found my niche. As the years passed by, I realized that I couldn't see myself in that setting for the rest of my life and was hoping for a way out with a company doing something rewarding in the community. Little did I know that would come in the form of one of my customers in the private sector working with children with special needs and developmental delays. I have been at Bright Start now for 6 years and have enjoyed hearing the staff share stories about their “families” and how rewarding it is to be able to make such a difference in their lives. Although I’m not out there in the field working directly with the wonderful families we serve, I am able to at times interact with them. It is so inspiring when a parent calls and is crying tears of joy because their child who didn't have any words or a way to communicate with them can now express their needs because of the help they have received from an Early Interventionist at Bright Start. I believe I have found my niche.

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