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Elise Washington

Lead Early Interventionist - Midlands Office

When I was a little girl I knew that I wanted to be a teacher or work with children in some way. I attended Columbia College where I received a BA in Early Childhood Education. While I was taking classes at Columbia College, I worked in an after school program at Heathwood Hall Episcopal School. I was fortunate to get hired right about of college at Heathwood and was an associate first grade teacher. I loved first graders but the classroom was not for me so I started interviewing with other agencies that work with children. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children hired me as their Outreach Coordinator. I traveled the state of South Carolina and taught personal safety to children in elementary schools. After a few years at the Center for Missing and Exploited Children, I was hired as a nanny for two young boys. I interviewed with Bright Start in 2008 and have been an Early Interventionist for over 13 years. As an Early Interventionist, I am privileged to work with amazing families and children. It is so exciting to see child take a first step or say a first word and know that I had a little part in making a difference in that child's life.

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