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Melanie Gallant

Case Manager - Upstate Office

My name is Melanie Gallant. I am the lucky mom of two teens. I graduated from University of South Carolina Upstate in 2002 with a B.S. in Psychology. I was introduced to the world of Autism and special needs when my son was born. At first it was a crash course, but with the help of our Bright Start EI in Columbia (aka: our guardian angel), we were quickly on a clear and less scary path. It inspired me to pay it forward years later and begin work to assist families myself. I began as an ABA Line Therapist around 2012 and worked with children and teens on the spectrum providing ABA Line Therapy and eventually Lead Therapy. I remember each one of them and miss them still. In 2016 I began working as a case manager. My goal is to give families the tools to help them navigate their journey with less fear, less uncertainty; with more understanding, more self-confidence, and more hope. I hope that my personal journey and professional experience will be of help to others. For fun, I love watching Mystery Science Theater and building in creative mode in Minecraft with my daughter. I love taking my son to the mall for his self-planned escalator and elevator rides. I love watching both my “children” grow into their own person. I love animals, wild and domestic. We have a tortoiseshell kitty and a loud quaker parrot. I love the natural world. I love art and architecture. There is just so much to explore and enjoy.

864-201-1632 | [email protected]

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