What Early Intervention Jobs Are Like In SC

Did you know that there is a vast need for Early Interventionists in South Carolina? Early Interventionists are educated professionals who offer important service to babies and toddlers and children who either have or are at risk of having disabilities or developmental delays. 

Here’s an overall idea of their role and what it’s like to be an Early Interventionist, and how you can become one.

The career of an Early Interventionist in South Carolina

If a child might be failing to meet developmental milestones, early intervention may be required. 

Early intervention is when a trained specialist helps the child and his/her family deal with the presence or possibility of a developmental delay. 

That means that Early Interventionists, like the ones who work for us here at Bright Start, are people who need to have a lot of love for people – especially babies, children and their parents. These compassionate qualities are very important for a variety of reasons. As an Interventionist, you will support the family/caregivers to foster the development of the baby or young child through play; to improve speech, motor, cognitive or social/emotional skills. Your goal is to equip the child and his/her family for the greatest quality-of-life and best possible prospects for that child’s future. 

As the Early Interventionist helps the child and his/her family with developmental delays, there will be important tracking and administrative tasks as well. Early intervention here in South Carolina is part of a statewide system, such as BabyNet or SCDDSN. Well, to properly adhere to the state’s standards, it is important that the child’s needs and progress be documented and monitored closely. Your job will be to help manage those processes, to ensure each child is making the best progress that they can in a timely manner. Additionally, you will also be involved with connecting that child and family to other resources in their local area and across the state which can help them. 

Once again, this is a very people-centric and child-centric job, so a background in Early Childhood, Child/Human Development, Psychology, Sociology, or a related field are typical if you’d like to try to become an Early Interventionist. 

Why do children in SC need Early Intervention?

Research by the United States CDC shows that a significant number of children aged birth to 6 will experience one or multiple developmental disabilities or delays. These occur across all racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups. So you see, many children will have or be at risk of having a disability or developmental delay. These might be physical, learning, communication, or cognitive issues, and these are the issues on which Early Interventionists are especially trained to coach parents, for helping their child reach his/her greatest potential. With early intervention by trained professionals, the child can achieve great progress towards quality of life and future prospects.

What can you gain from being an Early Interventionist?

Individuals who are truly passionate about learning and have the ideals of serving and helping others would find this role a reward unto itself. The reason why early intervention becomes so fulfilling is not only the direct impact you can have on a child and their family, but also building relationships with that family which can sometimes last a lifetime. You see, the work you are doing will have immense impact on that family. You practically become an important part of their family yourself. 

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