Ryan’s Law Needs Your Help!!!

Autism’s Insurance Reform in South Carolina, better known as Ryan’s Law, passed in 2007. Now, the original law is being revisited this session to improve coverage for our families. Senate Bill 135 seeks to remove the age and dollar caps, as well extend coverage to the small group and individual markets.

It is now or never to call or write the legislators on the Senate Banking and Insurance Committee and ask them to pass S.135 next week!

Here is how YOU can help:

Call your State Senator:
And just say:
“I am a constituent urging that you please support Ryan’s Law, S.135, and ask your colleagues on the Banking and Insurance Committee to do the same. This autism insurance bill will help provide much-need support for those affected with autism, as it is very important to me and my family. Thank You so much!”

Next, Email after you call:
We have already drafted a quick email for you to send in once you make the call to your senator as outlined above. Calls express our sense of urgency. Emails help our legislators realize how much this is needed and what it will do, so please do both!

Take action here!
Ask your friends to Help! Copy and post the following on Facebook and tag 5 friends in your comments to help:
“South Carolina Friends! I need your help to send a quick email to your senator to pass the Ryan’s Law Amendments bill to make sure kids with autism receive the treatment they deserve. If you visit the link below, there is already a letter waiting for your signature then press send. It’s that easy! Please write DONE below so I can thank you! http://bit.ly/1DjDOnN”

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