Potty Chart for Visual Reinforcement in Childhood Development


Just doing some research to help a kiddo of mine with potty training. Kid has been pretty successful at daycare but is struggling carrying it over at home. So me and the mom discussed yesterday of what would help. And we talked about having a potty chart with the different steps, using visuals. This one is pretty good with the visuals, it goes through a couple of the steps of the potty, and then this has a Velcro on it that she can stick every time she does each step. We talked about how that would make her feel successful, and that would be a good way to go through the routine since she is doing pretty good at daycare with the routine of potty-ing. This one’s pretty good. Researched another one, she loves Trolls, so we’re trying to find something for Trolls. This one doesn’t have the visuals for the steps, so that would be the only thing. This one right here is more of a, I did, I tried, it doesn’t have the steps, but it has the bottom where it does. If I get this many stickers, I get this. And I like that aspect of that. I sent all of these ideas to her mom, and if none of these are a good option, I can always make something that has all the things on it too. So, another part of what I do is researching and then creating stuff for families.

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