Our Job Training Program To Become An Early Intervention Specialist in South Carolina

Early Intervention is important work performed by specialists who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of children and families. Our family-centered programs provide intensive developmental instruction for parents, caregivers, and their children with special needs. Our primary goal is to assist families in helping children reach developmental milestones through home visits and individualized family training.

Our wonderful team of Early Interventionists provides coaching and support to families of children with developmental delays through a range of services designed to intervene at the early stages of an infant’s or toddler’s disability or developmental delay, to help them reach their developmental potential.

Getting An Early Intervention Job in South Carolina

If you think you’d like to join our team and become an Early Interventionist in South Carolina, we have a training program available to help you start your life-changing career.  In addition to experience with children (0-5 years old), South Carolina requires Early Interventionists to have a degree in a related program such as:

  • Child/Human Development
  • Education: Early Childhood, Special Education, Early Childhood Special  Education, or Elementary Education
  • Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Psychology
  • Public Health
  • Social Work
  • Sociology 

What makes us special from other service provider agencies in South Carolina is our Bright Start passion to involve the whole family, most especially the parents and caregivers, in educating them with techniques to help their child reach their developmental potential. If you love working with children and you’re passionate about them being nurtured with the help of their families, you’ll fit right in with our home-visiting model.

Our 90-day training program gives you the rights skills and knowledge you need to be an excellent Early Interventionist. You’ll get paired with one of our experienced Early Intervention Trainers as you go on home visits. The trainer will give you on-site experience on the skills and techniques that you need to learn through demonstrations and pointers. As you move forward through the program, you’ll have more opportunities to do the skills by yourself while getting practice in providing Early Intervention coaching to families. Nearing the end of your training, you should be able to do techniques and methods with minimal supervision from your trainer. Our goal at the end of the 90-day training program is to not only make you well-versed in the skills and techniques but to give you operational knowledge in independently handling meeting dates for different children and running a family training session.

What Makes a Good Early Interventionist? 

Being an Early Interventionist isn’t always easy. It’s a job for someone creative and logical at the same time. Our training program helps make sure you’re equipped to handle all parts of the job that can be more challenging as each family has different needs and requirements. Having an open mind and easily adapting to different situations is a need in being an Early Interventionist and a skill that you’ll further improve through our unique coaching model and routines-based interviewing. As you move forward, you’ll rely more on your ability to think on your feet while charting the right path for the goal.  It’s important to go in each session with no agenda and expectations as we don’t bring in a bag of toys or a plan set in stone because we always put a premium on the family and their voice. They will be our partner in making sure that their child reaches their potential.

An excellent Early Interventionist has good time management skills. You have to immediately identify and prioritize your tasks while at the same time making calls and scheduling meetings. To aid you, we’ll help you learn time-blocking skills and train you with our different tools like our caseload timeline.Here at Bright Start, we’re always looking to hire additional Early Interventionists. If you qualify with the requirements for South Carolina Early Interventionist and you’re open-minded, adaptable, and responsible then we’d like you to join our team! We know you’ll love our passionate culture and our statewide family. Please feel free to contact us anytime or take a look at our SC Early Intervention Jobs Available.

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