Our Approach to Case Management in South Carolina

If you have a child or teen in your family with a disability, or if you or a friend are an adult with a disability, there is a unique opportunity to work with a Case Manager of your choice in South Carolina to help identify resources and achieve life goals. It is a wonderful system even though it isn’t necessarily very widely known or publicized in SC. We at Bright Start proudly offer Case Management services across the state as a leading provider for SCDDSN. The difference with Bright Start Case Managers is that we meet with you often in order to build a strong relationship.

Perhaps you may already have a Case Manager and might be looking to make a change, or you might be beginning this process for the very first time in our state. One thing is certain however. Case management is a vital and valuable opportunity for helping youth and adults with special needs advance their quality of life.

Who Are Bright Start Case Managers?

Our Case Managers are professionals who work with SCDDSN to create customized support plans for individuals and families, covering many aspects of enhanced support, services, and identification of resources. We work directly with you to figure out your needs, what will best work for you and your lifestyle, create a plan, and facilitate moving that plan forward.

With over 40 Case Managers on our team, we serve families throughout South Carolina. Our Case Managers come from different backgrounds, most notably education, psychology, and social work. Each one is deeply aware of the many resources and services available to individuals with disabilities in the state of South Carolina. We effectively get to act as your private advocate to help navigate the state policies, systems, and programs.

How Does Bright Start View Case Management?

After you are approved for eligibility by SCDDSN, you will have the opportunity to choose the Case Management provider of your choice. We certainly hope you will consider selecting Bright Start, and if so, our work begins from there. Our approach focuses on two key aspects – support and empowerment.

Life with a disability can be a challenge, but there are numerous resources available. These resources, programs, systems, paperwork, and policies can truly get complex and overwhelming. Examples of the resources and support we are specially trained to help connect you to include:

  • Community Meetups
  • Respite & Relief
  • Medical Suppliers
  • Mobility Needs
  • Care Providers
  • Advanced Treatment
  • Advocacy Centers
  • Housing & Independent Living
  • Employment Opportunities

Our focus on empowerment and advocacy means we work with families and individuals with disabilities to find their voice. Finding their voice means identifying what they need and speaking up when their current service providers do not meet those needs. Establishing this sense of autonomy helps families become better advocates for their loved ones or themselves.

How Does Bright Start Implement Our Approach?

Bright Start’s dual approach of empowerment and support means a close engagement with families and individuals. We emphasize home visits and a relational, conversational approach instead of formal questionnaires or dull check-ins. We refer to it as our “coaching” model, and we find that it creates an overall better experience for the families or adult individuals we serve. We’re not just about checking boxes. We’re about high-touch and high-quality support that uplifts you, your needs, and lifestyle quality for you and your loved ones. 

After formulating a customized plan, our Case Managers will maintain regular and ongoing contact with you on a monthly basis, with in person sit-down visits at least every other month. This helps us make sure we’re tracking well, paying attention to the details, asking and answering questions and facilitating the best care possible for youth and individuals with disabilities.

How Do I Receive SC Case Management Services?

You will be required to choose your Case Manager during the intake and eligibility process with SCDDSN. To learn more about this, visit our FAQ’s or visit SCDDSN’s website.

Choice is a wonderful component of the system in SC, but we encourage you to keep in mind that not all Case Management service providers offer the same quality of care and experience. 

If you are already being served by a Case Manager, but feel you are not getting the quality of service you deserve, you do have the right and authority to choose an alternative case management provider. Bright Start will be happy to speak with you before you make your decision and share more about our approach to SC case management services. 


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