Life as a Bright Start SC Case Manager

Video Transcript:


Hey there. My name is Kayleigh. I am a case management Trainer with Bright start. And I was blessed with the opportunity to be able to talk about what being a brightstar case manager means to me as well as give a little bit of insight on what we’re doing to provide the best support for our families and for our employees. So I am truly a case manager by heart. This is not a job. This is my passion. brightstar is my home. And it is truly where I belong. Because we are a family, not only our employees, but we consider those we serve to be part of our family. And you can see that with our interactions with each other, and our interactions with our families, a brightstar case manager isn’t going to come in and just check off boxes, and then leave. That’s not what we’re about. We want our families to know that they are loved. They are treasured, they’re important, but most importantly, that they’re heard. We really strive to take the time to build the relationships with the families and individuals that we serve. And we do this by showing up and being present in their lives, and just really trying to understand what’s going on, so that we can continue to provide the best services for them. Because we don’t want to just monitor and assess. We really want to support dreams and goals and be there and cheer our families and individuals on because as important as it is to them. It matters to us too. I know from my experience, seeing those I serve, succeed in their lives and just be genuinely happy, makes my heart sing, there is no better feeling in the world. One of the things that we’re continuing to do is become more and more person centered. As a trainer, I’ve been given the opportunity to further my education in my field, we’re taking Person Centered coaching courses. So not only am I going to be a trainer, but I’m going to be a coach on person centeredness. What person centeredness does is it enables us to provide services in a way that are truly unique to each person in each situation, regardless of where they’re at, in life, their experiences, their abilities, we’re learning more and more how how to take the person who is the expert on their lives, and provide them the support to get where they want to be. And as a coach, I’m learning these tools, and I’m training our case managers on it, I’m helping them and we’re sitting together, we’re learning more about each individual that we serve. Because the idea is to be able to provide everyone with the level of autonomy that they deserve. And now we use the word autonomy instead of independence. Because regardless of where you’re at, in life, or your situation, everyone is dependent on something or someone for some reason. But with autonomy, it’s about having the choices and and making the choices so that your life is your life and it’s what works best for you. Because our goal isn’t to put anybody in a box we truly see the people that we’re serving, and we truly see each other and what we want to do is to continue to empower and advocate and support those we serve. That is our goal here at bright start. And I’m so thankful to be here and so thankful to be able to use my skills to follow my passion

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