Baby and Child Development Milestones for South Carolina Parents

The development of a baby or child is so crucial for their long term wellbeing. Childhood is a time of life where the brain and body are expanding and growing and learning so rapidly. And yet the fact is, many babies will experience or be at risk for developmental delays. Here at Bright Start, we offer early intervention and speech therapy to assist the needs of children with developmental delays and their families. 

Developmental Delays for Children in South Carolina

Our team helps thousands of children and their families every year with navigating and managing developmental delays. At first, we know this can be an unexpected and even uncomfortable experience, but it is one which many SC parents will go through. Developmental delays might affect a baby’s seeing, hearing, motor skills, or social, emotional, and cognitive development. Back in 1999, when our company was founded, Early Intervention to help address these delays was our core specialized service, and today, decades later, we still remain the state’s top early intervention provider. 

SC BabyNet is the statewide program here in our state to help babies and children with developmental delays. We work in partnership with the state’s agencies to ensure you and your family receive the best possible care, resources, and assistance, and the costs for all of your services if your child is experiencing signs of developmental delays are covered by the program itself.

Our Milestones Chart for Baby and Childhood Development

Because our work requires such close relationships and collaboration with many of South Carolina’s local pediatricians, we developed the helpful chart below to hang in their offices. Child and baby development milestones are very complex and a lot to comprehend, that’s why we always encourage you to discuss your child’s development with your pediatrician, especially if you feel they may be experiencing delays, difficulties, or disabilities. 

Chart of South Carolina Child Development Milestones

Note, if your pediatrician would like poster or tri-fold versions of this chart for their offices, please feel free to Contact Us, and we will be happy to provide them.

Choosing Bright Start as your SC Early Intervention Provider 

As you review and discuss these developmental milestones with your pediatric doctor, you may find that they advise a BabyNet referral. “Referral” is essentially BabyNet’s term for applying to see if you are eligible for early intervention services in SC, like the ones Bright Start is specially trained and licensed to provide. If approved by BabyNet for services, you will be asked to pick a provider. As a top-rated provider across twenty-five counties in our state, we would love to be selected to help work with you and your child on their specific needs. 

Our passionate team of Early Interventionists and Speech Therapists provide family-centric services, which are highly relational, and always focused on the best possible quality-of-life and future prospects for your child and your family. Simply remember to tell your BabyNet service coordinator that you would like to request Bright Start as your local provider, and they will help connect you to us. 

Learn more about the counties we serve and our Early Intervention services on our website link below.

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