About Us | Our 2021 Brand Video

Video Transcript:

Beth Deason
Bright Start just cares about people, just helping them navigate the systems that they have to go through and just really trying to empower them, that just makes me want to get up every day and come and do what I can to serve. They’re coming to us, because obviously, there’s a need, the individual that we’re serving has some sort of a special need. It’s a developmental delay, it’s a disability of some sort. And so the families are just having to sort of if they’re infants are the babies, the little ones are just trying to, they’re just entering into this world, they have no idea they need help navigating the systems that they’re about to be involved with, it could be for a short time, or it could be for a lifetime. And so we are there to come alongside of them, and just help them have a better understanding of things and direct them and guide them.

James Cox
Bright Start a health team find a company to work with, to help me get a job and live on my own. So it’s the absolute dream for me, because, you know, all my life, I’ve been wanting to move out my parents house, and prove to them and prove to myself that I can live on my own. And I did that with terrible Britain.

When Keegan was about 16 months old, I noticed that he wasn’t doing some pointing. And he didn’t have as many words as I thought he should have. So my pediatrician put me in touch with them, and they got the ball rolling pretty quickly.

Linda Kunz
I have a sibling who has Down syndrome. So had a child that was born with Down syndrome, and she passed. But I think about what I would want for my brother or my child that had passed. And I want someone that’s going to come in and be a part of the team who’s going to be a part of my family, not just if somebody comes in with a checklist. So when I can build trust with

Bonnie Shaw
being part of Brightstar, to me, truly changed my life. I believe that every single person on this planet holds value in being able to be part of that every day. And to confirm that about each person that I meet, truly, truly makes my day worth getting up for. And Brightstar has given it to me.

Beth Deason
For us, it’s more of just being able to serve families and individuals on a continuum, like we could potentially start child in early intervention, and we could follow them all the way through their entire life and be a part of their life. It’s just a really cool opportunity to be able to really follow them and just be part of that family.

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