About Our Speech Therapy Services

Video Transcript

Beth Deason:
Our speech therapists work with the younger population typically. They’re going to work on their
communication. We also do some feeding therapy and on just feeding and swallowing for children.

Dannisha Suber:
When Kegan was about 16 months old, I noticed that he wasn’t doing some pointing and he didn’t have
as many words as I thought he should have. So my pediatrician put me in touch with them and they got
the ball rolling pretty quickly.

Beth Deason:
They’re also coaches or family trainers as well. They’re going to work with those families on how they
can help their child with that communication piece, whether it be expressive language or receptive
language, understanding or speaking, they’re just helping the families in that way. They’re coaching the
families and helping them to know how to support their own children.

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