About Our Early Intervention Services


Jillian Franklin:
At Bright Start and in early intervention, we serve all types of children. It can be a child who was born
prematurely. Or a child who has just maybe a speech delay or any other type of lifelong disability.

Alexa Williams:
So once a child’s identified as having some sort of delay or maybe a diagnosis, the early interventionist is
going to come in with the family and do a routines based interview. You just trying to get to know that
whole family’s day, all their routines, what they’re already doing with their child and areas that they may
have concerns. And that’s when we are going to jump into our service coordination mode. We’re going
to find you speech therapists, OTs, PTs, whatever you need to help support your child.

Jillian Franklin:
At Bright Start, we definitely use best practice for routines based early intervention, where we really
address the entire family. And we’re able to identify small things that are just going to make every day
better for these families. And then just give them little tips or tricks to just slowly change those routines
or those different activities that they’re shooting for.

Alexa Williams:
So we work in all areas of development. So not just specifically on speech or fine motor skills or gross
motor skills, but every area development for a child and every area of concern you might have.

Jillian Franklin:
A lot of times, child development kind of is a stepping stone for the next skill. So it’s really important
that we’re able to identify a child that might have just a small delay and make an impact today so that
we can ensure that they continue to meet age appropriate milestones and can catch up with their peers
or be on target with their peers as they start school.

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