Social Media Safety And a Note About What We Post



Facebook – Instagram – Snapchat – Twitter

It’s everywhere – and we are so connected all the time! It’s a well-established fact: parenting is, straight up, really hard sometimes – and feeling connected is sometimes what we need right in the middle of the five. hundredth. tantrum. this. afternoon. Because it’s easy to feel like you’re all alone in the middle of those hard moments – and a like or an emoji or a comment can be that small hint of empathy that makes it a tiny bit easier.

But the internet is a vast and scary place if you aren’t careful – and what you post is pretty much out there forever. So, for safety’s sake – let’s consider a few things!

Remember to check your privacy settings periodically. I say periodically, because privacy practices can change. The website is usually required to notify you when they change, but I don’t often even notice those emails. I like to set a reminder on my calendar at least 2 times a year to check my privacy settings on Facebook and other media I use often.

Try to avoid posting information that can identify or locate your child: such as where they attend school or church, what time dance class is, or their full name. Avoid posting pictures of your child when they are not fully clothed (intentions are no doubt innocent – but, again…the internet…).

Also consider whether your child might one day be embarrassed or even hurt by the post or picture. Will he feel embarrassed by a story you told? Or will she read a hasty rant and wonder if you were sad you had children? Of course that isn’t how any of us want our kids to feel! Again, there’s no judgement here: parenting is hard. This is just a reminder to all of us, myself included, to pause before you post.

Social media is a fantastic invention that most all of us enjoy – and that “timehop” app – well, that’s really neat! Let’s hope all of our “timehop” memories are happy ones and all of our #tbt posts get lots of likes and hearts!

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