State Director of Early Intervention

South Carolina

Responsible for leading Early Intervention (EI) Supervisors and EI Trainer in a manner that supports and guides the organization’s mission.
• Meet monthly with EI Supervisors EI Trainer regarding office and staff.
• Receive and review monthly reports including billing/staff file reviews/home visits/parental feedback and address other issues as needed.
• Meet with State Director regularly to ensure that staff are fulfilling the mission of the company.
• Assess potential growth related to EI Program and discuss with State Director.
• Meet with Executive Team as it relates to growth and expansion as requested.
• Responsible for following through with Executive Team recommendations regarding discussed growth.
• Provide Statewide oversight of Home Visiting (HV) and Routine Based Interviews (RBI) to identify and address trends and continue to ensure that supervisors and trainers are overseeing their own staff and completing to fidelity.
• Support the training coordinator regarding HV and RBI to ensure trainings are consistent company wide.
• Support and collaborate with Case Manager (CM) Trainer and Supervisors regarding Home Visit training for CM staff statewide.
• Support and collaborate with Speech-Language Pathologists (SLP) Supervisor regarding Home Visit training for SLP staff statewide.
• Responsible for developing EI Supervisors in the assigned region until the Supervisor exhibits independence in daily duties and then provide on-going support.
• Responsible for immediate growth in expansion areas. (developing relationships, marketing, events, etc.)
• Create presentations for outside providers statewide.
• Attend ICC meetings as needed.
• Attend Regional and State level meetings.
• Attend state level Early Intervention meetings when Supervisors cannot attend in that area.
• Responsible for EI training oversight and development.
• Responsible for annual reviews with Early Interventionists.
• Attend local BabyNet meetings in expansion areas.
• Responsible for Early Intervention productivity throughout the state.

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