Regional Director of Case Management – Intellectual Disabilities

South Carolina

· Responsible for leading Case Management (CM) Supervisors in the assigned region that supports and guides the organization’s mission.

· Meet monthly with CM Supervisors in the assigned region regarding office and staff.

· Continuously meet and collaborate with other CM Regional Director in regards to meetings, information, growth, etc.

· Receive and review monthly reports including billing/staff file reviews/home visits/parental feedback and address other issues as needed for the assigned region.

· Meet with State Program Director regularly to ensure that staff are fulfilling the mission of the company.

· Assess potential growth and discuss with State Program Director on possible growth.

· Meet with Executive Team as it relates to growth and expansion as requested.

· Responsible for following through with Executive Team recommendations regarding discussed growth.

· Provide oversight for the assigned region of Home Visiting (HV) and Person-Centered Training (PCT) to identify and address trends and continue to ensure that supervisors and trainers are overseeing their own staff and completing to fidelity.

· Support the training team regarding HV and PCT and to ensure overall trainings are consistent company wide.

· Responsible for developing CM Supervisors in the assigned region until the Supervisor exhibits independence in daily duties and then provide on-going support.

· Responsible for immediate growth in expansion areas. (developing relationships, marketing, events, etc.)

· Create presentations for outside providers statewide.

· Attend Regional and State level meetings.

· Attend state level Case Management meetings when Supervisors cannot attend in that area.

· Responsible for CM training oversight and development for the assigned region.

· Responsible for annual reviews with Case Managers for the assigned region.

· Attend local Case Management meetings in expansion areas.

· Responsible for Case Management productivity for the assigned region.

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