Family Advocate -BB

Family Advocate -BB

Dear Bright Start Family,

I am very excited to introduce myself to you. My name is Brantley Bonnette and I am the Family Advocate for Bright Start. I have been a Bright Start Early Interventionist (EI) since 2008 and worked with young children and families for many years prior. The role of Family Advocate was created to make sure that you are receiving the quality service(s) that your family deserves. This will provide you an outlet to express any comments, concerns, or questions regarding the service(s) that you receive from Bright Start. As your Family Advocate, I will act as a neutral contract regarding any service your child is receiving from us. I am not replacing your Early Interventionist, Service Coordinator, or Speed Therapist. I am here to act on your child and family’s behalf to ensure you are receiving excellent services from Bright Start.

If you have any concerns about your Early Interventionist, Service Coordinator, or Speech Therapist from Bright Start and the delivery of his/her services, please make us aware by contacting me to discuss the matter. I also encourage you to call me to share good things about your experiences! We take your comments and concerns very seriously and will act on them quickly and accordingly.

Please look for helpful tips and information from me in the quarterly newsletter and on our website ( If you don’t already get a newsletter and would like to do so, let us know. You may choose to receive a hard copy or to be placed on our email list.

I am so happy that you are a part of our Bright Start Family and I hope that you will contact me if I can assist you with anything.


Brantley Bonnette - Family Advocate

Brantley Bonnette
803-261-8266 (Cell)
803-929-1112 (Office)

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